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Hello World!

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WRITING COVER LETTERS FOR THIRD PARTIES should be a profesión to recover. Fact, I think it would worth organize a prize on this topic ...

Q. Why did you say that?

A. I said that 'couse I have to write an introduction about myself and my projects, and wasn't ever easy to me  such topic, and it always seems cloying to me. Today I will try on ePULP EDITIONS.

Q. Right, What were you planning to say?

A. Well, I was planning about telling to people that ePULP EDITIONS, llc is a digital publishing house that was founded with the view that reading fiction digital content must satisfy readers in digital in six different manners:

  • (1st) What you read must be entertaining, to be worthy reading.
  • (2nd) What you read must be cheap, to be wealthy reading.
  • (3rd) What you read must be smart, to be healthy reading.
  • (4th) What you read must be instructive, to be useful reading.
  • (5th) What you read must be uplifting, to be enriching reading.
  • (6th) What you read must be inspiring, to be rewarding reading.

Q. That list is pretty fine ...

A. Yep, it cost a little to debug it, and I also think we should add another two mottos more. But ... look, let me continue. We wish to create several collections of short stories clustered by genre fiction: historical fiction, horror stories, science fiction, etc..

Our bet these days is with crime novel. To be precise, stories ranging from police blotter to novel noir. And we'll open with a big fish: A Contest about crime fictions. You can get into details in several posts on the Imprint site (Hardboiled Fictions is its name) and on that Short Stories Competition. I would love if those who read the 'posts' dedicare some of their time to widely share that notice throughout their social networks.

Q. What do you think of reading?

A. This is the website of a digital publisher. A publisher house who believes that the best reading is the one that entertains you, period. And if, in addition, the story is brilliantly written (and it's hard not to think that a story isn't brilliantly written if it makes you to have a great time) for the same price, the reader will have learned something more about spelling, grammar and syntax. It's a bargain! a bargain that is quite a bonus to our main purpose: to entertain. To read ... entertaining, ... informing and educating, you'd think we are on the BBC, whouldn't you?

Q. Apparently it is as much as an abrupt thought, I'm afraid. Then, what do you think about readers?

A. I do not think to improve in spelling, grammar and syntax is something incompatible with enjoying with a good story. I would say that a good story enhances the desire to learn. But look, tell and read stories engages whenever the reading aim is not an excuse to insult your readers. I believe that to enjoy reading you do not have to obtain a postgrade title, neither anyone can request readers to carry with any, can't it? On the other hand, readings always belong to readers, because they are which keep them alive. If they really enjoyed with a title, that means these stories are good enough, and if not, that means we were wrong, no excuse. We are guilty of a crime, not readers.

To those who want to read our titles, we don't want to ask for more than the price stamped, but we also expect from them to be out there providing praises of how many good moments they had fared reading our titles. Moreover, we would never dream of asking them to show us that are at the height of our titles. In fact ... we do not believe they are.

Q. ¿...?

A. ... Because it is in the opposite! We would like to be told that our titles are up to our readers, who are those we really want to please up.

We started this journey once we got fed up of listening and reading to say that people do not read everything they should read. We discovered moreover that this is because those people did not have at hand a story by which worthwhile stop watching TV or looking out the window from a bus line going to work or backing home. You can not be thinking all day that readers do not reserve you (I hate that attitude) What we should do as publishers is to deserve them. That is something that those who are behind this project want to do, and we love that commitment to do.

Q. Is it easy to find out good stories?

A. We believe that nobody can resist of reading a good story, and good stories are as abundant as bad lawyers. I do not intend to open a discussion here about the quality of legal services in any country where English is spoken. But the truth is that in most of the good stories a bad lawyer, even figuratively, plays an important role, because someone somehow always disappointed others' expectations. Therefore, bad lawyers are as necessary to ensure the march of civilization as toilet paper. They play an important role in an event that you know will occur, but do not know when, despite it doesn't leave you or him, very gracefully.

How common good stories are? Yeah, seeds for good stories are plentiful worldwide. The tricky part is to find the pal that knows how to extract its full potential by typing a text. Select authors with that magic touch, work with them, is the most delicate issue. We could talk about it another time, if you please.

Q. Ok, when I get out of my head the image of that events that we know it will necessary happen, but not when and how graceful we/them finished, we could try to talk about authors' issues. Meanwhile, I dare you with trying to sell out your new product in a single sentence!

A. I told you before that we believe in the art of storytelling and in the art to enjoy reading stories. There's something engaging, that makes you repeat and search for new tales. Well, with this project

We will put to the public the chance to periodically collect a good bunch of stories that are easy to take and hard to forget, and in most of cases, for the price of a bus ticket.


Q. It doesn't look bad after all, as you describe.

A. Not really indeed.

Q. ... Go and write that covering letter!

A. I think that probably, the letter has been already written.

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