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Customer Service

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Sometimes, tablets or smartphones don't allows users to upload datafilee in the forms. If it was the case the button link for searching and uploading that files will appear as out-of-order.

In case you need to send attached to your message datafilee, we suggest to do your message using a PC or MAC.

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In case you need to attached to your message any relevant data, you are free to upload two files up to 5Mb each:

All files and email you provide will be screened in order to prevent IT risks. Please note that if your files pose a threat, they will be destroyed and your email deleted. Before uploading any file make sure that it is risk free.

Revise of everything before to submit. Prevent from mistares, don't lost your message.

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Use it for everything, except ... to submit your content written works, or to participate in our writing contests.


To submit your written work, you should use our special forms placed in each Imprint site, and prepared the information we request to allow us to prepare an appropiate response. As second option: Have a look to this website for a direct access to our General Form to Submit Written Work.


As one of our general purposes, every time we call for a Contest, we add an electronic form to help you to prepare and submit your enrollment. Every Imprint is responsible to manage their contest. If you are interested in taking part in any, be aware of our News from time to time, or follow us in any of our social forums (see Social at the bottom of this page)

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