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Hard-boiled Fictions

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Hard-Boiled Fictions is the first ePULP EDITIONS' Imprint within we start this venture.

There's a simple reason why we decide this: we love reading crime stories. The more people in this shed are devoted of crime fictions and one of our hidden wishes is a tires flor of such kind of stories.

We have prepared a guideline to select contents. this guideline may be use as a general handbook for slump authors and unwilling readers. We have already put into writing and labelled the 33 Style guidelines. The guide appears in the “Submit Written Work" tab, where in the CONTACT tab in our Hardboiled site. Enter into "Hardboiled" site to grab it, or click directly using “Submit your Work” button right here.

All 33 Rules summarize in these two:

    • readers want to have a good time reading, and authors should also have fun writing;
    • crime fiction runs around murky matters that in the worst case are half-solved, but no one is going to get into work out what you have in your head, if the issue murky is you.

Hard-boiled stories are about moral dilemmas and ethical coherence. Wherein doing the right thing might appear to be the motto for losers. We can find in this collection stories about crimes and criminals, about vices and sins. On mental and moral corruption. And a world where you must use the eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth to get results.

In Hardboiled Fictions self-defense is a preventive driver that can be used and must be used. Hard-boiled stories should be seethed enougth to yield readers with all its tang and odor. They know of sweat, alcohol, snuff and blood, and smell to cordite, money, slums and Chanel 5.

Best of Hardboiled Fictions is always on the next page, and once you reached to the end, ... in the following story.

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