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Sci-Fiction Stories

Science Fictions is our imprint devoted to futuristic tales and novels on aliens, robots and droids of all kinds. From ten-page short texts to soap operas that take several galactic ages to conclude. This Imprint works as a transport interchange, a hub, where authors can park since the nastiest Tobarish (who of them isn’t?) cargo histories to recreations made ​​with scrap and discarded beings from the last Grind Eartep Monopoly War.

On this space ship you can visit distant worlds, but also get to any other future where instructing a vehicle with the voice is naive, given that anyone can be arguing out loud with his/her/its confidant droid about whether the latest exhibition at the Metropolitan was an insult to the intelligence of public, or the seventh review to the standards of intermodal beauty, blushing his/her/its spouse, a native being from an abandoned planet still called Earth; such as some files hardly kept up with the help of antiquated review and update programs mentioned in old records. Life itself, right?.

Hard-boiled Fictions

Hard-boiled Fictions is our imprint devoted to crime stories and novel noir. From short stories in ten pages _ to soap operas up to 1 000. We here can figth out with lot of corruption, deceit and much much reckoning. and we want to have justice in most of cases.

Do not get through the rule of law because the rule of corruption? No matter. There is an entire city out there where you live down intolerable excesses. Violence, passion and vice. Too much work to think about it when you have to make decisions on the fly and get into doubt means stay out of options.

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We think in this publishing house reading digital fiction content must satisfy to readers in six different ways: entertaining, spending little money, smart being, uplifting being, edifying being and by serving as inspiration.

The good thing with ePULP EDITIONS titles is that they are primarily intended for you to enjoy while waiting to pass something important, like the bus that takes you home, or your appointment with your doctor. The bad is that you can forget your bus stop, or the reason why you were in a waiting room.

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